Meet Dr. Brooke Jordan

My name is Brooke Jordan and I am a family medicine physician by training and a functional medicine physician by divine intervention. I attended medical school here in Fort Worth at UNT’s Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine, graduating in 2013. I stayed in Fort Worth for my family medicine residency at JPS and graduated as a board-certified family medicine physician in 2016. I worked at JPS as an attending physician for a year following graduation while my husband, Josh Payne, completed his orthopedic residency, also at JPS. We moved to Houston for a year for Josh’s fellowship, where I worked as a staff physician at UT Houston. We returned to make Fort Worth our permanent home in the summer of 2018 when Josh joined an orthopedic group in the metroplex.

I am a 5th generation Texan and my family hails from Brownwood and Mason, Texas. My favorite place to be on this planet is our small ranch between Mason and Fredericksburg, which is part of the original land settled by my German ancestors in 1845.

My interest in functional medicine began after I graduated from residency. I had an incredible education in the acute care of seriously ill patients at JPS, but as I was treating the patients in my clinics with chronic diseases such as diabetes, coronary artery disease, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, etc., I became frustrated with their lack of significant improvement. I provided them with the current standard of care treatment for each disease, yet they either remained stable in their current condition or became worse, requiring more medications. I already had a significant interest in how what we eat affects our health, so I started to incorporate small dietary changes in my most willing patients. These patients increasingly exhibited improvements and some were able to be weaned completely off their medications. I desired to know more about how lifestyle—what we do and eat, how we live and think—affects our health. Through my research, I found functional medicine; a discipline that focuses not on the symptoms that a patient presents with, but on what is the underlying or “root” cause of that symptom. I then attended the Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice conference by the Institute for Functional Medicine and felt invigorated by this community that I believe is going to change the face of healthcare for the better. I returned home and attempted to implement my new knowledge in my current clinic setting, but found that a proper functional medicine assessment cannot be done in 15 minutes. It takes time to dig into a patient’s history, learn their story, and find the cause of dysfunction. I knew that God was calling me to practice functional medicine, but I also knew I could not do this in a traditional family medicine setting—controlled by insurance reimbursement and regulations. I needed the freedom to spend as much time with my patients as necessary to partner with them on this new path to wellness.

So, that brings me to the present. After moving back to Fort Worth, I did not return to conventional family medicine and The Lord led me to start a solo functional medicine practice: Fort Worth Functional Medicine. I also chose to continue my education through the School of Applied Functional Medicine to provide me with continued research and resources to share with my patients.

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