Yoga by the Ocean

What We Believe

Here at Fort Worth Functional Medicine, we believe that we are all created by God with bodies that have everything necessary to heal and maintain health. We believe that what we call disease is a lack of homeostasis or equilibrium in our body systems. Most often these imbalances are created by our lifestyles and the environments we ask our bodies to function in. We wholeheartedly agree with my mentor, Ben Edwards, who founded Veritas Clinic in Lubbock, that there are 4 pillars which are the foundation to wellness: Nutrition, Hydration, Movement, and Peace. We believe that our job is to educate, inspire, and empower each patient to reclaim control over their health and return to a state of balance, where their body is again able to heal itself. Our goal is for each patient to reach this state of homeostasis and then only need to see us once a year for a wellness visit!

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